​​​The Color Bar  Hawaii

​ ​Be your Own Kind of ​Beautiful 

Color Lash Wax & Brow Bar
represents an outstanding level of service
and technical standards both in the lash and beauty industry
with an exceeding level of customer service and attention to detail.
 We believe every client should enjoy a fabulous experience
every time they visit our salon.
 We welcome you to come meet our team and enjoy a wonderful relaxing and inspiring environment offering refeshments on us.  

💎 Our Belief System Is To Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful 💎
Sincerely  The Color Bar & Wink Team



Natural Enhance Set
This beautiful set naturally enhances what nature gave you,
⏱1 hour service time for application

  • Natural Enhance $80 full set 
  • Relash 2 week fill $40
  • Relash 3 week fill $60
  • Bottom Lash Extensions set $50
  • Relash bottom lashes $40

​Classic Set
 standard full set of lash extensions offering length 
​1 hour service time for application

  • Classic $80 full set
  • Relash 2 week fill $40
  • Relash 3 week fill $60
  • Bottom Lash Set $50
  • Bottom Relash $40

Glam Set
designed to add volume and length,
⏱ 1 hour service time for application

  • Glam $100 full set 
  • Relash 2 week fill $50
  • Relash 3 week fill $70
  • Bottom Lash Set $50
  • Bottom Relash $40

​Sexy Strip Lash Set
designed for a full sexy glamorous look,
⏱ 1 hour service time for application

  • Sexy Strip Lash Set $100 full set
  • Relash 2 week fill $50
  • Relash 3 week fill $70
  • Bottom Lash Set $50
  • Bottom Relash $40
  • Eye Lash Extension Removal $50

Fresh sets are recommended every three months


Our lashes naturally replace themselves every 6 to 8 weeks, Relash 2 week fills are recommended as your new lashes are constantly growing this will help to maintain a fuller look.

EYEBROW TINTING  $45 offers a more beautifully defined sculpted look by permenantly coloring tinting brows and last up to 1 month.​ ⏱ 30 minutes service time

LIP WAXING $10 the waxing ease of shaping - sculpting the eyebrows and cleaning up unwanted tiny facial hair on the lip area

LASH LIFT ​$80 this service offers a way to gently lift your natural lashes into a curl position and includes a ash conditioning treatment ⏱1 hour service time

 Lash Extension Classes

Include the following
Hours of Training 16
          Certificate of Completion
Tuition Fee $900
Kit Optional $200
Curriculum application technique sanitation
product information and safety precautions, waiver forms
and clientele customer service

Ins and Outs of Lashing
​Important Information

  • 🔍 Make sure your lashes are free
  • from make up and skin care products

🔍 After lash application,
lashes  should not be
   exposed to moisture for at least 24 hours

🔍 Oils and Glycols can break
down the  please take precautions
    when using make up or skin care products

🔍 We offer lash sealant 
cost $20 that will extend
the life and the beauty
of your lashes if applied every three days

The Color Bar HI


  1. Jayna Alameda
    Brandi is an amazing lash artist, she takes pride in what she does and I never leave Unsatified. She makes me feel like a whole new person after putting on a new set of lashes or doing a fill. She listens and takes into consideration on how I want my lashes to look! She is the only person I will ever trust to go for a lash service. Gave Brandi 5 Stars on Yelp ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  2. Lei Hoku
    Brandi is an awesome young lady with excellent lash service and does a great job on my lashes. I can call her last minute to make an appointment and she never did say she couldn't do it. She always has time for me and she always does an Awsome job. I always refer anyone that asks " who does your lashes" I'm like Brandi Wink Hawaii@ The Color Bar 😊 Thank You Brandi Gave Brandi 5 Stars on Yelp ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  3. Chyenne Silva
    Brandi Hulihee is a Lash Expert. She uses state of the art Silk Lashes that feel so soft and natural, you don't want to wear anything else. Best of all is her pricing and how much she perfects every strand of lash! She does an amazing job I wouldn't choose anyone else to do my lashes ❤️ Chyenne S
  4. Marnie G
    Love love love Keala!!! Got my lashes done by Keala. She's very sweet and personable. I told her it has been a while since I've had lashes extensions and I didn't know what I wanted. She made a couple recommendations as to what we could do. I went ahead and told her to surprise means she definitely made me feel relaxed as she did her magic. I may have dozed off a couple times, but when she was done I was definitely a happy camper. My lashes are naturally straight and it's got decent length to it... But I love love love the even more now...my lashes are Fuller and has length and curl and they look natural! Definitely makes my eyes pop. I got numerous compliments when I went to work the following day. And sent some of my fellow co workers her way too... Will definitely be coming back to see Keala again!! Gave her 5 stars on Yelp ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  5. Lani J.
    Keala is the best with eyelashes, mine always turn out thick and last a full 2-3 weeks with good care. She has a ton of different styles and always makes a good call on what you should wear! Highly Recommended!